Whats up Peeps


NEVER Gonna BEat me and you SUCK

Here is whats going down Peeps.  This is a new site that I am making to diss all of the other peeps in my class who try and out do me on roblox.  Yeah you know who you are and you all SUCK.  Yep thats right you SUCK!  Greldon Tommy and Ryan you can all kiss it. You will never beat me at Roblox.  No matter what.  You can try those roblox cheats but it will not help you.  I will always be better.  Hah  Oh and Tracy said she liked me better than any of you.  I was told she wants to go with me by her friend but Im not sure if Im going to.  But that does not matter she still likes me better than any of you so YOU STILL SUCK   HA!

Here is my You suck roblox shirt

here is a pic of my shirt I bought from some guy i met.  He has a site.  here it is.